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Why is a history of marriage women

Why is a history of marriage women made should be regular gynecological examination of childbearing?
Gynecological examination is the most simple and easy method to find all kinds of gynecological diseases. In recent years, the incidence of cervical cancer is increasing year by year, and there is a gradual trend of younger age, the incidence of disease and sexual life history, more than one partner, infection and other related, and early detection. Early diagnosis and early treatment can significantly improve the survival rate, reduce morbidity and mortality, so through regular gynecological examination, combined with cytology, the diagnosis of the early diagnosis. Early treatment, making it controlled at the stage of precancerous lesions.
Why promiscuity are susceptible to cervical cancer
Early marriage, childbearing, sexual disorders, prolific, dense production is an important factor in cervical cancer. The vast majority of cervical cancer patients are women of early marriage, which may be because of early marriage and sexual life prematurely, and early motherhood and lower genital tract has not yet mature, more sensitive to the carcinogenic factors stimuli, viral or bacterial infection. In addition with many men exist relations and multiple marriages are risk factors. Now believe that all of the penis cancer. His wife suffered from prostate cancer or cervical cancer risk for men with high-risk sexual contact with men, men in women suffering from cervical cancer. In recent years of virus infected through sexual contact such as herpes B virus, human papilloma virus and human cytomegalovirus of some research, but what what kind of virus is direct oncogenic virus is not clear.

Why do women easily suffer from vaginitis?

Why do women easily suffer from vaginitis?
The vaginitis is the most common disease in the Department of gynaecology genital inflammation, it can occur in all ages, but especially in the age of childbearing age women. Normal healthy women, there may be a variety of pathogens in the vagina, but because of their tissue anatomy and biochemistry characteristics. There is a natural defense against pathogens, namely “self purification function”. Such as vaginal bacteria decompose glycogen vaginal epithelial cells into lactic acid to maintain normal in the acidic environment of the vagina, if the unclean sex life, childbirth, abortion, vaginal surgery, prolonged uterine bleeding and corrosive drugs damage, change the vaginal pH, caused by pathogen invasion occur vaginitis. Performance is increased, with the pudendal itch.
According to the different clinical pathogens, divided into Trichomonas vaginitis. Candida vaginitis and non specific vaginitis, etc.. Diagnosis through examination of Department of gynaecology, combined with vaginal smears and PCR examination to confirm the diagnosis, the treatment of multiple local nano medicine, with systemic anti infection treatment, but should notice vaginitis easily through the line after recurrence, Mangin SIP: so illness medication to two courses of treatment. Laboratory tests have no exception for recovery. In addition, the spread of disease vaginitis attribute, should the couple Tongzhi, to reduce recurrence.

Why do some women in the menstrual period in addition to vaginal bleeding

Why do some women in the menstrual period in addition to vaginal bleeding, other parts of the bleeding?
In addition to vaginal bleeding in the menstrual period, other parts such as nasal mucosa, stomach, intestine. Bladder, lung, breast, skin, ear, eye and other parts of the site is also bleeding, this phenomenon is called compensatory menstruation.
The causes and mechanisms of this disease are not very clear. According to the current research, there are two reasons. One is that the level of female hormone in blood is decreased, and the two is the endometriosis, and it is also affected by the female hormone. The characteristic of the disease is that the bleeding is periodic, which is consistent with the menstrual cycle, which is an important basis for diagnosis. At the same time, even in the absence of menstruation, once compensatory menstruation, body discomfort and pelvic bulge symptoms disappeared. The principle of treatment is: if the bleeding is not much, time is short and can self check, can not do treatment; bleeding, time long, the use of the method of hemostasis. Oppression, packing, cooling, or the site of bleeding cauterization, local injection of 0.5% lidocaine or 1% procaine, hardening treatment, drug treatment still use of hormone therapy and traditional Chinese medicine therapy by the general method. The treatment effect of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine is better.
Some women in the middle of the two menstrual bleeding, more or less. Traditional Chinese medicine is called the bleeding in the period of time. Causes of this phenomenon: modern medicine thinks in the ovulation period of female hormone fluctuations and lead to vaginal bleeding; if a bruise, is a bit net, without treatment; if the bleeding, long duration, timely treatment. Modern medical treatment with a small amount of female hormones as the first.

Why do some women in the menstrual abdominal pain before

Why do some women in the menstrual abdominal pain before, on the occurrence of disease?
According to statistics, 80% of women in the world have different degrees of dysmenorrhea, which have 3/4 influence. China’s incidence of about 33%, of which 13.59% of women have severe dysmenorrhea, affecting work and life. In clinic is a common disease.
Dysmenorrhea is divided into primary and secondary two categories, primary dysmenorrhea without pelvic organic disease. Most of the functional dysmenorrhea; secondary dysmenorrhea is the result of pelvic organic diseases, such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease. Palace neck is narrow, the uterus is ill, the foreign body in the uterus is caused by, the following only talk about primary dysmenorrhea. There are two main reasons for the occurrence of dysmenorrhea, one of which is caused by excessive prostaglandin, which causes the pain of uterine spasm. Such as anxiety, fear, anxiety, excessive tension, work study life pressure greatly, etc. these factors through the central nervous system to stimulate the pelvic nerve and cause pain. The symptoms of dysmenorrhea according to diagnosis is not difficult, but to find out the specific reason is also not so easy, can be proud of some of the corresponding inspection, such as a gynecological examination, B ultra, pelvic blood flow graphs, basal body temperature measurement, blood prostaglandin determination, the determination of blood prostaglandin is present clinical a main objective indicators, dysmenorrhea patients with abnormally high.
Clear diagnosis after the treatment principle: in the pain during acetanilide spasmolysis, ibuprofen, or Innovar the acid, or indomethacin suppository into the anus or oral contraceptives, or with traditional Chinese medicine, heat clearing and detoxifying pain, such as method of differentiation of symptoms and signs. Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment of dysmenorrhea. With psychotherapy, the effect is satisfactory. But the treatment effect is not good for congenital uterine malformation, or excessive bending of the uterus, and can be taken as necessary.

Why do women have dysfunctional uterine bleeding?

Why do women have dysfunctional uterine bleeding?

Dub, dub, is a common gynecological disease. Multiple born in youth and a more year transition period, women of childbearing age are rare. The main causes of the disease are: mental stress, mood changes. Malnutrition, metabolic disorders, environmental changes and climate change, leading to the regulation of the neuroendocrine mechanism of the endocrine disorders caused by abnormal uterine bleeding.

The disease is characterized by irregular uterine bleeding. Symptoms of menstrual disorders, menstrual bleeding is different. Severe bleeding. Sometimes first several weeks or months of amenorrhea, and vaginal bleeding, bleeding usually more: visible also began to irregular vaginal bleeding. Short, the duration of the principal; there is also a small amount of bleeding began, after a period of time, the amount of bleeding. No abdominal pain during the period of bleeding, no other discomfort, bleeding volume for a long time or a long time can cause anemia, a large amount of bleeding can lead to shock.

Women have many reasons for bleeding, so in the diagnosis of functional uterine bleeding, we must rule out genital tract lesions or systemic disease caused by genital tract bleeding, especially adolescent girls’ vagina or cervix malignant tumor. Women of childbearing age myoma of uterus or choriocarcinoma, and menopausal transition period, menopausal women with uterine endometrial carcinoma induced by hemorrhage are most vulnerable to the disease is more complex, should be under the guidance of specialized subject doctor, do something related to the inspection, to eliminate these diseases.

The disease is more complicated. Should be under the guidance of a specialist, do some examination, in order to restore the menstrual cycle for the purpose.