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A child’s character of favorite different colors


Like the red one is a strong personality, energetic. Its disadvantages such as more impulsive personality and rich feelings. So it is easy to cause trouble with the opposite sex. Generally speaking, a child has a red instinct. If you change from a favorite red into a brown one, in the personality of both the advantages of both, and can control the impulse.
A child’s character who loves pink:
Most of the girls like beautiful pink. If you love the little girl like pink, said your family economic environment on the general level, but also a symbol of the full performance of the parents love. In the protection of love, the girls have more “highly aesthetic”, “careful consideration”, “elegant”, “supple” of the material, it is also a place of attraction.
A child’s character who loves yellow:
Like the Yellow child, there is a genius side. The demand for wisdom is more intense than anyone, much more eager to pursue the ideal, although the attitude of foreign affairs is not practical, but his brain is sensitive, quick response. But this type of person, is not easy to keep to adulthood. If your children grow up, still in love, then yellow, then he is the so-called “ideal type”, at the same time, he (she) will also be a heavy feeling, sense of obligation and won the trust of others. However, please be sure to pay special attention to, like yellow, there may be a schizophrenic patients.
A child’s character who loves green:
Favorite green children, more easy-going personality. Not what all inclusive heart of forgiveness and curiosity, but rather knowledge of ambition. This type of person, after the adult suitable for the paid class, if you can have perseverance steadfast to do, also can have a successful day, many of the boys are more than the talent of this type.