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Why do women have dysfunctional uterine bleeding?

Why do women have dysfunctional uterine bleeding?

Dub, dub, is a common gynecological disease. Multiple born in youth and a more year transition period, women of childbearing age are rare. The main causes of the disease are: mental stress, mood changes. Malnutrition, metabolic disorders, environmental changes and climate change, leading to the regulation of the neuroendocrine mechanism of the endocrine disorders caused by abnormal uterine bleeding.

The disease is characterized by irregular uterine bleeding. Symptoms of menstrual disorders, menstrual bleeding is different. Severe bleeding. Sometimes first several weeks or months of amenorrhea, and vaginal bleeding, bleeding usually more: visible also began to irregular vaginal bleeding. Short, the duration of the principal; there is also a small amount of bleeding began, after a period of time, the amount of bleeding. No abdominal pain during the period of bleeding, no other discomfort, bleeding volume for a long time or a long time can cause anemia, a large amount of bleeding can lead to shock.

Women have many reasons for bleeding, so in the diagnosis of functional uterine bleeding, we must rule out genital tract lesions or systemic disease caused by genital tract bleeding, especially adolescent girls’ vagina or cervix malignant tumor. Women of childbearing age myoma of uterus or choriocarcinoma, and menopausal transition period, menopausal women with uterine endometrial carcinoma induced by hemorrhage are most vulnerable to the disease is more complex, should be under the guidance of specialized subject doctor, do something related to the inspection, to eliminate these diseases.

The disease is more complicated. Should be under the guidance of a specialist, do some examination, in order to restore the menstrual cycle for the purpose.