Why do some women in the menstrual period in addition to vaginal bleeding

Why do some women in the menstrual period in addition to vaginal bleeding, other parts of the bleeding?
In addition to vaginal bleeding in the menstrual period, other parts such as nasal mucosa, stomach, intestine. Bladder, lung, breast, skin, ear, eye and other parts of the site is also bleeding, this phenomenon is called compensatory menstruation.
The causes and mechanisms of this disease are not very clear. According to the current research, there are two reasons. One is that the level of female hormone in blood is decreased, and the two is the endometriosis, and it is also affected by the female hormone. The characteristic of the disease is that the bleeding is periodic, which is consistent with the menstrual cycle, which is an important basis for diagnosis. At the same time, even in the absence of menstruation, once compensatory menstruation, body discomfort and pelvic bulge symptoms disappeared. The principle of treatment is: if the bleeding is not much, time is short and can self check, can not do treatment; bleeding, time long, the use of the method of hemostasis. Oppression, packing, cooling, or the site of bleeding cauterization, local injection of 0.5% lidocaine or 1% procaine, hardening treatment, drug treatment still use of hormone therapy and traditional Chinese medicine therapy by the general method. The treatment effect of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine is better.
Some women in the middle of the two menstrual bleeding, more or less. Traditional Chinese medicine is called the bleeding in the period of time. Causes of this phenomenon: modern medicine thinks in the ovulation period of female hormone fluctuations and lead to vaginal bleeding; if a bruise, is a bit net, without treatment; if the bleeding, long duration, timely treatment. Modern medical treatment with a small amount of female hormones as the first.