Why is a history of marriage women

Why is a history of marriage women made should be regular gynecological examination of childbearing?
Gynecological examination is the most simple and easy method to find all kinds of gynecological diseases. In recent years, the incidence of cervical cancer is increasing year by year, and there is a gradual trend of younger age, the incidence of disease and sexual life history, more than one partner, infection and other related, and early detection. Early diagnosis and early treatment can significantly improve the survival rate, reduce morbidity and mortality, so through regular gynecological examination, combined with cytology, the diagnosis of the early diagnosis. Early treatment, making it controlled at the stage of precancerous lesions.
Why promiscuity are susceptible to cervical cancer
Early marriage, childbearing, sexual disorders, prolific, dense production is an important factor in cervical cancer. The vast majority of cervical cancer patients are women of early marriage, which may be because of early marriage and sexual life prematurely, and early motherhood and lower genital tract has not yet mature, more sensitive to the carcinogenic factors stimuli, viral or bacterial infection. In addition with many men exist relations and multiple marriages are risk factors. Now believe that all of the penis cancer. His wife suffered from prostate cancer or cervical cancer risk for men with high-risk sexual contact with men, men in women suffering from cervical cancer. In recent years of virus infected through sexual contact such as herpes B virus, human papilloma virus and human cytomegalovirus of some research, but what what kind of virus is direct oncogenic virus is not clear.